On June 13th Miss Sassy and I attended a fashion show for a good associate of our ELSA BOADMAN. Elsa is a local stylist and designer who I have worked with only a few times. In May during one of my shoots she told me she was putting together her fashion show. She sent us tickets and I was afraid I was going to miss it but I made it just in time...no really just in time. As the MC was walking away the DJ was starting the music for the first model to come out. Here I come running to hurry in sit in the first row. MISS SASSY shook her head at me cuz I stopped at the bar before coming in like normal people to get my seat:)

The show was great, so very proud of her. Anyway, CUE magazine did a great 4 page spread on her (35-37). What's really cute, the writer contacted me a few days later and asked me my opinion on the show. The photographer was able to get MISS SASSY and the picture but my dress,huge handbag and my hair made it but not my face:(

CONGRATS ELSA...MISS SASSY and I are so proud of you!!!!


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