I am so excited about a new partnership with MS Laa Laa at DOLCE VANITY BLOG. Today she posted an intro about me on her page. My new Publicist Michelle Bella thought it would be a great thing to really take this social networking to a new level and have blogs within blogs network amongst each other. So Michelle reached out to Laa Laa and she loved the business girl! Since Laa Laa is an upcoming makeup artist this will be a perfect marriage for the both of us. I can so give her tips and business advice. Because she's in the UK it will be hard to hook her up with assignments but you never know, right.

So twice a month on Friday's I will be writing beauty articles on her blog bringing back my popular theme "MAKEUP & MARTINIS" with Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. I went it got it copyrighted and trademark, told you I was taking it to the next level. Vancouver, BC, Canada is my next stop with Wake Up Vancouver! My buddy Ashton is putting something together and we hope to have at least something set up this summer.

My first article with DOLCE VANITY will be this Friday on the July 12th. I need you all to show her some BGD LUV...go sign up and follow us both. And if any other blogs wanna do the same I would love to be a part. BLOGS LUVIN BLOGS!

Thank you again MS Laa Laa you rock!!!

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