Thanksgiving Weekend

Hey everybody, home in New Orleans. Relaxing, spending time with family and friends and having drinks! We are sitting at the table playing cards and drinking mangorita's. Due to the weather we are not having good internet connections. Must be god's work to keep me off of it. Tonight we may be going out depends on the weather. My girl and old assistant Natalie is in town. She came over Thanksgiving day with her husband and two boys and the new edition Barrack a male yorkie. We kept the baby so they could go out to see friends. Since we already have two male yorkies it didn't matter if one more is in the house. Michael didn't really like it but hey he would get over it. Plus it gave Jordan a chance to have a puppy on a loan cuz he wants another puppy. Because Barrack is a new baby he awaken at 5ish and of course Jordan slept through the whole thing. Got up and brought Barrack to the bathroom and fed him. On friday. I had to work but only a half day so not to bad. Can't wait to see Shontell and the crew tonight. Hopefully, I can just rock something casual don't feelin like wearing a dress tonight. Ok my turn so gotta go.

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