W. Hotel Wedding Event

The day finally arrived , the 2 day bridal event at The W. Hotel. Being the Creative Director I had a few more duties than normal just doing the makeup. A lot of the planning and organizing on my part was done while I was on the L'Oreal tour. I am really excited and glad to have had the opportunity to be a part as well as to get the experience that I need. Not to bad to have on my client list. I am so bless to have some many good people in my life that want me to succeed and understand what my goals are as a makeup artist. My girls came over to help me set up my green room. They wanted me to relax and deal with everything else.

Robin is a wedding planner and Jamielynn is a model/stylist both came out to assist me.

Since I had good help we were able to go have lunch/early dinner at ZOE inside of the W. Hotel. Yes, of course we ordered cocktails. I love the pineapple upside down cake so we had that. The hotel comp everything so we took care of the tip. Of all days my black girl broke on me today so I am not with a phone. I am just glad that everything was going smooth and that everybody arrived that needed to be there so I didn't have to worry.

Robye, the hairstylist arrived at 4:30pm because he didn't have to be there until late plus his set up was much smaller. Roico Mora and Chris Bailey the models also arrived at the same time as Robye.

We started working on the model together and the look that I wanted for her was a trendy current look with a little Hollywood classic feel. So the hair was very elegant very old school classic and the makeup was smoky eyes with a light lip and skin glowing/bronzed. I didn't want to do the no makeup traditonal bridal look because as you know that is so typical and boring. Plus, this is an event so that would not work anyway with the dark lights.

The event crowd was not what I was hoping that would have came out. The entire idea was so different and maybe that scared a lot of people. The event was a mock wedding where brides and wedding planners and event planners in New Orleans could come out to see what a wedding day would look like if they would have gotten married at the W. Hotel. We didn't miss a beat from hair/makeup to the ceremony to picture taken to going to the reception to taken pictures, dinner, a dj, dancing, cake cutting and of course DRINKS!!!


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