L'Oreal Newsletter-October 2008

V O L U M E 5 , I S S U E 2
Consultant Corner

Meet Karen Fondu, the new
president As Pro Team members, you have the opportunity of L’Oreal Paris
to work with L’Oreal Paris products every day.
After learning so much about countless hair, skin
and cosmetics products, people are noticing.
Here’s our opportunity to recognize members of
our team that have been offered opportunities
within the community and media:

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, from New Orleans was re-
cently on the Style Network’s 100th show in her home-
town. The producer ask if she would be involved in a
special segment about three women from New Orleans
that was effected by Hurricane Katrina.
In her own words, Brandy describes the program as an
emotional journey for herself and the women she
“When I first received the call, automatically I said yes
because before Hurricane Katrina, I donated my ser-
vices to a lot of local charities for teen girls and women
such as Teen Summit and Dress For Success. As for as
the women that they were spotlighting, I had never met
them before but to be a part of helping these women
to feel good about themselves, even if it's just for one
day, then I wanted to be a part. I was able to relate to
these women because I too was effected. So I know
how they were hurting and what it feels like to walk
around in jeans and t-shirts for a few months and not
look glamorous because everything you owned was
washed away. It was such a happy and sad day for the
women as well as the crew. We cried and shared sto-
ries about what happen to each of us. For a lot of us,
we needed that day to cry together because every day
you get up and work hard knowing that each day will
be a challenge to getting your life back to as normal as
you could. To put makeup on again and do my hair and
nails made me feel GLAMOROUS AND FABULOUS once
again. So, I knew I had to
be a part of making these
women feel that same
feeling that I did. It's a
feeling I will never forget.”