L'Oreal Newsletter-July 2008

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V O L U M E 5 , I S S U E 1

Consultant Corner

Consultants Of The Quarter

Our consultants have the pleasure of working with
L’Oreal products every day. After conducting countless
consultations on hair, skin and cosmetics using the
entire line of L’Oreal products, we feel it’s time to recognize
their achievements:
In addition to being part of the Pro Team Network,
Janae Wesby writes and manages the "THE BEAUTY
CHRONICLES" column, which serves as a platform to
do what she feels she does best: consult and inform.
The column provides people with helpful hints and tips
on how to perfect their own individual style. Janae’s
goal is for people to read her column and refer to her
as their very own “beauty almanac!” She shares tips,
tricks, and blunders from over 10 years of experience
in the industry. To introduce the column, 100 guests
attended her launch party at a local photography studio,
where they were treated to mini makeovers by a
fellow Pro Team member, Karen Vanoni, and perused
the display of photographs, many of which Janae did
the makeup for. Guests left for the evening with goody
During the recent Pro Team Network training, we received
positive feedback from the instructor about all
our fabulous makeup artists. Three team members
stood out in her mind as ones to watch:
Brandi Mitchell—she demonstrates a great highlighting
technique, always provides a high quality of the work
and takes risks.
Denise Milloy—she demonstrates great technique and
is consistent throughout the process.
Brandy Gomez-Duplessis—she expresses confidence,
takes risks and constantly provides an impressive overall
ending look.