Front Page of the Living Section

I am so excited about the article. I didn't have the date of when it was going to run but I was taking my shower this morning and my cell phone is blowing up like crazy. Because I worry about everything I'm thinking something bad happen because who could be calling that early. So, I'm thinking maybe it's Michael since he just left or family in Houston. But when I saw the text's starting with CONGRATS...I knew then. So I call Michael to see if he had the paper but he had to leave early sohe didn't take it to dark to find it he said. So I go outside in my robe to get the paper hair wet and all. And when I looked at the Liviving I saw myself and was excited!!!! After reading it like 3 times I returned all of my calls and finished getting ready to go to the studio today.

Enjoy.....and leave comments on that page...thanks